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22-23 September

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Wearable Technology UX 2014
This is no ordinary black and white powerpoint conference.
Wearable Technology UX is dedicated to the user experience in the delicate relationship between humans and wearable technology.

A unique approach for an industry craving information on how to truly connect with customers.

Produced by the team behind Smart Fabrics & Wearable Technology 2014
Wearable Technology UX is an entirely new concept exclusively dedicated to the user experience of wearables.

  • Sensory Perspectives
  • Beautiful & Useful: The Ultimate Wearable
  • A Superior User Experience
  • The Economics of Human Behavior

Conference Buzz

We'll be doing a news only newsletter this week! If you're working on something with amazing UX let us know today!
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The Wearable Technology UX conference is organised by Smithers Apex, formerly known as IntertechPira. Smithers Apex provides events, market research, publications and strategic and technical consulting to an expanding list of niche, emerging and high growth industries.